Monday, July 20, 2009

Sickety Sick Sick

So, I havn't been neglecting YouTube, I have a dreadful cold and can't seem to shake it! My nose is red raw and I feel so yuck! Of course, on my way home early from work today I did manage to muster up enough to go and buy some new jeans...I finally found some white ones and wet look blacks, as well as a light blue wash. The brand is neon blonde and they fit perfectly! Of course you won't see them on! The shopping trip made me bed ridden so I have photographed them on my bed for you :)

Light Blue

How cute is the pink lining!!!

Wet Look Black (my rocker jeans haha!)

White (stocking up for summer)


  1. ahh you've totally inspired me to purchase some new jeans! i love the white ones :) xx

  2. Cute!! I always find a way to shop, even when I am unwell - that is why I love online shopping so much.

    Feel better soon xx

  3. those are really cute jeans...
    Nice blog